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Thursday, 21 November 2019 19:05

Chester VA Movers, We Provide Packing Supplies

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Are you in the process of trying to get ready for your Chester Va movers for a local move? Unsure of what's the best equipment to guarantee that your items arrive safely and securely on the big moving day? The Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage team has your back! If you're more of the DIY type, we've got you covered with premium moving supplies in Chester VA at competitive prices. Our professional Chester VA movers exclusively use the latest packing and moving supplies,

but if you'd rather do your packing on your own, make sure you've got nothing but the best. We can deliver our moving supplies in Williamsburg and all surrounding areas!

Thursday, 21 November 2019 18:34

Richmond VA Movers, The Importance of Moving Insurance

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Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage provide basic insurance coverage for loss or damage to your goods outlined below. We advise that you consult with your home insurance broker as some home policies may cover moves and others may not. Your broker may also have a coverage plan to offer you for comparison.


Do you have a job offer somewhere on the other side of Richmond VA and need to relocate locally soon? Or are you just tired of the place that you are currently living in and in the need of a change? Whatever the case is, hiring a Richmond VA moving company is the best way to go if you want to avoid complications that often occur to people that are new to moving.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 18:04

Ashland VA Movers, Ashland VA Packing Services

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Probably the least fun part of moving is the packing and unpacking of your furniture, tools, plates, etc! When planning and looking for  Ashland VA movers, do not overlook the time and effort this can take. It is also one of the aspects of moving that you need to plan with the utmost care not just due to the amount of time it takes but packing needs to be done the right way to avoid breakages when your items are in the back of a truck or in the container of a ship if you are moving overseas!


Not only do we provide packing and moving services, but we also provide unpacking services in Ashland and all of Virginia. Unlike some Ashland VA moving companies that will send out 2 guys to move a 4 bedroom house, we will send a minimum of 4 guys. This same rule applies to packing. You never know how many memories you have accumulated over the years, so having the right amount of men to expedite your move is critical.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019 17:27

Petersburg VA Movers, Petersburg VA Storage Solutions

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Timing doesn’t often work out perfectly during the moving process. Often, people who sell their house need to be out of their current home before the new one is available to move into. When that is the case, you need a place to store many of your things during the transition.


Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage is a Petersburg VA moving company offers household storage on both a temporary and permanent basis depending on your needs. Whether you just have a short overlap between homes, or need a longer-term storage solution, we are able to provide just what you are looking for.


Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage is the preferred choice for business moves in Mechanicsville, VA. Whether it is something as simple as relocating file cabinets from one place to another or a full-blown relocation of your office, we take pride in providing all the services that you could possibly need to make it happen quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

We have carefully aligned our business offerings to help our clients make their transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible. We employ highly skilled, professional movers to do the heavy lifting. From start-to-finish, you can count on us to be your turnkey solution for corporate relocation.


Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage will move you safely and quickly with minimum downtime, whether you’re transitioning from one end of your office building to the other or relocating to a new space. Our Mechanicsville VA movers work with your personnel, too, by showing them how to code furniture and equipment for placement in the new location.


Moving, under any circumstances, can be an overwhelming and stress-filled process bound to everyone at some point in time. When deciding which Chesterfield VA moving company to hire for your residential move either cross town or cross country, there’s a lot to consider. Does this Chesterfield VA moving company have proper equipment, training, licensing, and insurance? Can I trust them in my home? Are they affordable? And will they move me where I need to go?

Sunday, 17 November 2019 14:11

Glen Allen VA Movers, Moving a Baby Grand Piano

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Image result for moving baby grand pianoImage result for moving baby grand pianoImage result for moving baby grand piano


To begin with, moving from a place you have spent most of your life residing can be very tough, because of different situations that are tied to it. Some of the issues that you are likely to face with your local Glen Allen VA movers may be trying to break the emotional attachment in which you may have with the neighborhood you reside in.  Also include, trying to truly convince yourself that you are moving and other related issues. Moving is very beautiful in the end, and you give a deep sigh of relief after a successful moving process. However remember, not all moving processes turn out to be successful.

If you plan on moving with your dog, then you’ve landed on the right article to gain more understanding on how to properly transition your best bud into his new home.



First, get in contact with a reputable Richmond VA moving company for a moving quote for your belongings.  Next, Prepare an easily-accessible 'overnight kit' that has enough dog food, toys, and grooming tools to sustain your german shepherd and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.  Definitely consider bringing lots of toys if your german shepherd is a puppy to keep them occupied during your move. Last thing you want is them scuffling through your packed belongings and making a mess out of boredom.

Saturday, 16 November 2019 02:01

Powhatan VA Movers, Moving While Pregnant

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Preparing your belongings for a move can be as stressful as anything.  Moving while pregnant can be even more stressful due to being in a changing environment that requires constant work and thought throughout the day (whether you’re packing boxes or thinking of furniture arrangements for your new place).  Consulting or hiring a Powhatan VA moving company is very important for the well being of you and your belongings.

Saturday, 16 November 2019 02:06

Richmond VA Movers, Preparing Your Pets For a Move

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Are you planning on hiring a Richmond VA moving company to move your pets? Congratulations, this is a great life change that is full of joy and pleasant events such as a new job, a new opportunity, and a chance for a fresh start. But for the pet owners the process is a bit more complicated. 


If you want to facilitate the moving experience for your cats and dogs, you have to take more additional steps and constantly think about their comfort. Here are some tips to make the move easier for your pet(s). 

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