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Thursday, 14 November 2019 00:12

Richmond VA Movers, 3 Mistakes to Avoid For a Successful Move

Written by Malek
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3 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Move

Mistake #1Not Choosing a Reliable Mover


One of our Moving Specialists, Dorthy Stevens, recalls a frantic call that she received from a terrified customer after being scammed by illegitimate movers. He states, “They called us because they didn’t know what to do. Their movers were supposed to be trailing them to their new home after they finished loading. When they looked behind them they realized they couldn’t see the truck anymore and they never saw their belongings again!” Before you book your move, do the proper research.  Be sure to search for the most reliable moving companies in Richmond VA.  Look for testimonials on their website as well as ask your friends and family if they’ve used or heard about your designated moving company before you entrust them with your precious belongings.


Mistake #2Not Being Packed

Everyone has their own idea of what being “packed” looks like. However, being properly packed means having all belongings aside from furniture inside sealed, labeled boxes.  Why is being packed so important? Because the majority of moving companies have an hourly rate. Your mover picking up your items one by one is a surefire way to run up your hourly rate and in turn your final bill.  Here at Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage, we try our best to provide safe and efficient moving on move day for our customers.  Don’t let non-packed items ruin your day aka your bill!


Mistake #3Not Having Realistic Expectations

Many factors can contribute to the amount of time that moving takes. The first factor is whether you are packed, which we discussed above. Other factors that can lengthen your move time are: your movers having to go up and down stairs (3rd floor apartments/townhouses can be labor intensive), the distance that they have to walk from your home to their truck while loading, and the fact that they will have to drive below the speed limit to get to your second location to unload. Always try to book a service elevator if you’ve got an apartment move to save yourself the extra time and cash.


Mistake #4Too Many People Around

Be mindful of the amount of people that you have walking around your place during move day.  Usually the more people there, means more distractions/obstacles for you and the movers as well.  Unless they are actively helping you pack your belongings into a box, concolledate items aside, move an item(s) with you, then it’s advised that you ask them to step aside and let the movers do their job!


Mistake #5Uncleanliness

Allow yourself time to make sure that your living space is in a clean state before opening your home to movers.  The last thing you want is for someone to trip and fall in your house or become sick.

Take a day or two to clean up the house as if you were ready to sell it.  Don’t wait until after the movers leave to clean up.

Facilitate a healthy environment for a safe and efficient move.  If you need help or an extra opinion, invite a friend over to help you get things in order for your move day.


Mistake #6Kids Kids Kids

Whether you are moving a few blocks away or to a far away city, safety should always be your ultimate priority. For that reason, you should arrange for your kids since their safety might be at risk during the moving day. With large 26 ft Heno trucks, top industry standard equipment, and your furniture moving around that day, they might get injured during the high-paced moving process. If you have pets, keep them away for a while as well.




For safe and efficient moving services, you should work with reputable Richmond VA moving companies like Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage for the job. We offer our impeccable yet affordable services in Richmond VA, and nearby areas or anywhere beyond VA. For inquiries or estimates, call us at (877) 452-4797!





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